Maps for D&D, Pathfinder, and other tabletop RPGs

Simple yet striking maps- these maps are the bread and butter of any campaign.

Deep and dynamic, these winding tunnels will hold great fortune or great ruin.

Bustling or remote, settlements serve as a place of sanctuary for many people.

Cloaked in mystery and adventure, a world map serves as the backdrop to your entire campaign.

Hey, I’m Silver and I make setting-neutral maps that can easily be inserted into most adventures. My mapmaking career originally started out as a hobby (like many others), when I made maps for my homebrew campaigns. But now, I make maps not only for my self, but for other GMs to use and enjoy!

My mapmaking philosophy is making beautiful, atmospheric maps that helps evoke a certain mood in your players. Awe, horror, mystery; I want to convey these feelings through my maps and give people something to get lost in!

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